Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yo dudes, sorry for the lack of post, we'll try and make sure it never happens again. I've (jules) been busy with Modern Warfare 2, haha. Thanks for all the support on Facebook. I know you've been waiting a while for a new post. Also, new friend of ours Savoy sent us a couple of his tunes and they are great check em out! Oh yea If my retarded paintings are bothering you guys and girls tell me and I'll stop. :P

Fenech Soler - Lies (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) <3!!

Savoy - HateOh8 Niice!

Savoy - Rhubarb

Savoy - Orgo

The Count And Sinden - Elephant 1234 <3!!

Wazabi - Optimus GREAT!!

N.A.S.A - Gifted (LaTourette Remix)

Sound of Stereo - Zipper

Steve Angello - Monday (Original Mix)

Daft Punk- Robot Rock (Realboy Remix) <3

Dada Life - Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Don Rimini Remix) <3

Fischerspooner - Supply & Demand (Moguai Mix)

Flairs - Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix)

Bob Sinclar & Dirty South - The Russian March (Original Mix)

Robbie Rivera - Let Me Sip My Drink feat Fast Eddie (Robbie Rivera Funked Up Mix)


d1vid said...

zip, zip ... zipper

COULSON said...

love how you went to the effort of drawing on the 'wesc'

Anonymous said...

N.A.S.A La Tourette remix was played in Japan !

Julian, Mat and Johnny said...

Hah Coulsen I needed to add some realism to the painting lol. And anonymous very likely since Dj Taku is their manager if im not mistaken and hes from Japan so yup! I hope LaTourette get big they are very nice to us!


Anonymous said...

lovin the Savoy tracks
all bangers

Anonymous said...

HateOh8! Wow!

CB said...

Yeaaa MW2!
I completely understand.

Julian, Mat and Johnny said...

@anonymous' yup the Savoy tracks are really good, glad both of you like them

@CB thank you :P

Knos said...

Loving the Phantom's Revenge remix, but every blog posts it in this low quality version... Does anyone know where i can get it with a bit more dynamic?

Bynie said...

gotta say quite some good stuff. y'all lacking meat in your post though, all i see is dump dump dump

Julian, Mat, Johnny and Joeri said...

By dump dump dump do you mean we just post the tracks?

If so we do that because we want to get straight to the point and give people what they want and that's the music and not 7 paragraphs of descriptions.


If that's not what you mean please explain so we can try and make it betta!

Bynie said...

nah precisely what I meant. but well answered, wasn't meant as a diss or anything, i completely understand how most people checking out blogs take little time actually getting to know artists and simply gobble up beats. keep up wat ya doin' i dig the choice of music you have up here!

Cheers from AtV