Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here's my (Mat) top 10 of the year in order! Pretty hard to do but I went with what tracks I had on repeat the most, throughout the year :P

Mat's Top 10

1- The Bloody Beetroots - House N° 84

2- Amy Meredith - Running (Beens Remix)

3- GTRONIC - Ironman

4- Boys Noize - Sweet Light

5- Radiohead - Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Illuminati Remix)

6- Fake Blood - I Think I Like It

7- The Phantom's Revenge - When Mr. Hyde Killed Dr. Jekyll

8- Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Original Mix)

9- Wolfgang Gartner - Push & Rise (Original Mix)

10- D.I.M. & Tai - Lyposuct (Original Remix)


Anonymous said...

ahhh dope MC Mario!, nice selection

Julien Cormier said...

yeah i got scared there for a minute. i thought i was going to see the mixdown chart instead. phew! well at least it's not daniel desnoyer. heheh

excellent tunage by the way!!!

Julian, Mat, Johnny and Joeri said...

haha, I think Daniel Desnoyer is a lot better or more acceptable than MC Mario maybe that's because he looks like a human and not a lepracaun! :P

Glad you like the musix!


Philippe said...

yeah dan desnoyers is more legit
at least he doesn't own 1234

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

thank god it wasn't anything to do with mc mario... scared the shit out of me! i don't like hearing cheese. these selections are sick though!!!!!!

Reevo said...

Lot's of disdain for MC Mario :D. Sick tracklist. The "When Mr. Hyde Killed Dr. Jekyll" track (freaking sick by the way) is unreleased, and won't be out till January 2010. Doesn't that mean that it's not technically eligible for the 2009 top 10 selection.

Julian, Mat, Johnny and Joeri said...

nah REEVO i first heard it in June so I cheated a bit :P But yea it will rape when it comes out this year.