Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We just bought the new Phantom's Revenge EP and we are happy to share a bit of it with our fans! Be sure to check out his full EP on ITUNES or BEATPORT for more great remixes, mainly future flash :O! Also got some sweet remixes from our friends The Subs, whom have recently had their track remixed by Bobermann aka Bob Rifo aka 1/2 of the Beetroots, so you know they must be good. :P We also got a new track from our long time friends LaTourette & Dooze Jackers, which are also amazing!! That's all for us now, enjoy all of these tracks and have a great New Year from the whole team!!

The Shoes - People Movin' (LaTourette Remix) AWESOME!!!!

Boys Noize - Nott (The Subs Vital Edit) <3!!!!!!!!

Dooze Jackers - Got Line! <3

Religion - The Night

Maskinen FT. Marine Gasolina Dansa Med Vapen (The Subs Remix)


Tim said...

religion - the night

what a track!!
one of my favourites at the moment and will surely be in my next mix!

cheers for the post guys!

Julian, Mat, Johnny and Joeri said...

glad you like!