Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who The Fuck Is Haezer?

Hey everyone, new post and a new friend! Haezer just sent us a couple of his remixes and DAAAMN they are FUKIN GOOOOD!! He has been supported by the Cyberpunkers who remixed one of his songs, so you know hes good! We also got a couple of new tracks that are also very good! Oh and if you mans and womans have a chance to go see Wolfgang Gartner GO SEE HIM NOW hes fukin amazing live!!!!!!!!!

HAEZER's Myspace


Haezer - Dominator AWESOOMMME!!!!

Yesterday's Pupil - Poly Die (Haezer Remix) GREATT!!

Haezer - Here Come The Punks!

SebastiAn - Motor (HAEZER bootleg re-edit) <3!!!!!!

Haezer - Smut Me

Riva Starr - Dance Me feat. Trim (Oliver $ Remix) NIIICE!

Melomanics - Get you (Mr. Miyagi Remix)

Mr. Oizo - Positif (NT89 Remix)

Mr. Oizo Bruce Willis Is Dead (Nightbreakers Remix)

Old Gold:

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Death Suite (Bobermann Remix)

Busy P feat. Murs - To Protect and Entertain (DJ Mehdi Edit)


noobuskahn said...

the links for Haezer - Here Come The Punks! and Mr. Oizo Bruce Willis Is Dead (Nightbreakers Remix) are incorrect! plz fix. <3

Anonymous said...

nicee post
any new axwell or avicii around?

Julian, Mat, Johnny and Joeri said...

yup got a new avicii remix, that ima put up on next update. :)

Anonymous said...

The NT89 remix is really disappointing. It shouldn't even be called a remix really; it's positif with new drums on top...

niqqy said...

agree w/ anonyous. nt89 positif is bad. loved all his remixes & love 95% of all positif remixes but this one was boring.

haezer rocks. thx for the intro. name sounded goofy & ur prev motor remix by some french DJ was pretty bad as I love sebastiAn & motor song[wish he puts it on his album].

but love the heavy electro sound.